Why choose INTRAROSA?

  • INTRAROSA is the only vaginal non-estrogen treatment for moderate to severe painful sex due to menopause
  • No limits on duration of use
  • No boxed safety warning ?

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The INTRAROSA difference

INTRAROSA is made from prasterone, a synthetic form of a substance your body produces naturally called DHEA. DHEA is important because after menopause it becomes your body’s primary source of sex hormones, but as you age, DHEA decreases.

Like DHEA, INTRAROSA is inactive until your body converts it into sex hormones, specifically androgens and estrogens, which remain within normal postmenopausal ranges1. The precise way INTRAROSA works is not known.

INTRAROSA clinical study results

Clinical study results for INTRAROSA found a significant decrease in moderate to severe painful sex in 12 weeks that was sustained over 1 year with continued use.

INTRAROSA also showed improvement in vaginal tissue in 12 weeks. The changes that were observed include:

  • Increase in the percentage of superficial cells. Before menopause, the epithelium, the outer part of the vaginal tissue, has more superficial cells, which are mature and help to keep the tissue moist and flexible.
  • Decrease in the percentage of parabasal cells. After menopause, there is an increase in the percentage of parabasal cells, which are immature.
  • Decrease in vaginal pH. Low pH means the vagina is more acidic, which is important for vaginal health.

The most common side effects observed were vaginal discharge and changes in Pap smear.

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Women talk…about INTRAROSA


"Using INTRAROSA has worked to relieve my moderate to severe pain during sex.* I had no idea that my vaginal tissue could be part of my problem."
– Linda A.
*After 12 weeks of daily use at bedtime. Individual results may vary.

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